Week 66

Time is seriously flying by! We have a busy pday today but I will give the highlights of our awesome week!

Gretta passed her baptismal interview! She is a changed person and her spirit shines so brightly. She’s off enjoying her honeymoon now but were excited to have her baptism this upcoming Saturday! She’s one of the most amazing people I’ve met out here and I’m so grateful for her testimony.

It was cutie Sister Jensens birthday on Saturday! We met up for a birthday lunch so she could enjoy her favorite food, mac and cheese. Today we are continuing her birthday celebrations by cooking up a Samoan feast, I’m excited for my companion to teach me how to cook chop suey, it’s one of my new favorite foods 😋

On Sunday Sister Misiuaita and I were asked to give talks for Father’s Day! I had previously asked my dad to answer some questions for me and I included his answers in my talk. I asked about his mission and he had some inspiring words for me, I’ll include the last bit of his email:

"Sophia, I hope that you will mention in your talk about how amazingly proud I am of you and the work you are doing now. Right now is your turn to give to the world the most important message they will ever hear! I can’t think of a better person to give that message. I love you with all of my heart."

The message of the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the MOST IMPORTANT MESSAGE OF ALL TIME!!!!!!! I’m grateful I was given the chance to testify of that in church and how I can share that message all day long with the people I meet. Love you all! Happy Fathers Day!!!!!!!!!!!

Sister Evers


Week 65: love, true love…..

This was easily one of the best weeks of my mission!

Gretta and Carl got married! It was amazing and so special ❤
In one of my first interviews with President Golden he told me "on our missions we spend a lot of time doing things we didnt think we’d be doing." As I was helping set up and clean up for the reception on Friday and Saturday I was thinking about that quote. When I came out here I never thought I would he such a big part of these people’s lives but I’m so glad that my mission is better than I expected.
Gretta and Carl are such big examples to me and I will love them forever! Also funny story, as Sister M and I were leaving our dinner appointment on Sunday night, I was complaining because they didn’t serve us dessert and it was Sunday so I couldn’t go get a McFlurry and I didn’t want to go all the way home to get something. So while I’m grumbling and getting my seatbelt on, here come Gretta and Carl driving down the street! And Gretta yells, "Sisters! What are you doing? Do you want some cookies!?" So I was like "OMG YES."
So long story short they answered my prayer and they’re the best.

After we had happily eaten our cookies, we went to go knock doors with no success. We really wanted to get a new investigator this week cause it’s been awhile. But as we went home I felt prompted to call this one lady from the area book and she answered! We had a good conversation and set up a lesson for Thursday! So she was able to be put in as a new investigator and we were so happy for that little miracle!

Also this week we were able to help out at a food bank at a Lutheran church in my previous area, Acacia Park! It felt so good to be back, that area was such a fun part of my mission.

We had Zone Conference this past week as well and it was so powerful and inspiring. We talked about how we can do this work with missionaries and members all working together! And President played that one Mormon message about the Immokalee branch and my awesome Bishop Frank Fernandez! I hadn’t seen that one in awhile so it was cool to be reminded of that huge miracle that happened in my own stake 😊

I love this work! I love my Heavenly Father and my Savior and i have a huge testimony that They are watching out for us! I love you all so much and hope you have a great week! And a Happy Father Day to all the dad’s I know, you are all so important ❤

Sister Evers

Week 64: PUBLIX


So I met a fellow Floridian yesterday and she was very adamant about people’s incorrect quick judgement of Publix. I agree with her wholeheartedly, it is truly so much more than a grocery store 💔

This week was so great! Gretta had her bridal shower and it was such a success! I don’t think Sister Saravia knew her house would be so full of loud and funny ladies. A lot of women from the ward came and also a lot of Grettas friends. When she was opening her presents she said, "Carl will love to read all these cards later, it’s weird he loves reading cards with me… and the Book of Mormon." And it got kinda quiet after she said that so I like shouted "WOOOO THE BOOK OF MORMON!" and I did this 🤘🤘🤘 and all her friends just look at me and start busting up laughing 😂 Gretta was like, "I can’t wait to tell Carl what you just did." Everyone was just laughing and I was like, "y’all should all read it! It’s so good!" So Sister M and I are going to the wedding armed with lots of copies of the Book of Mormon and pamphlets, it’s gonna be the best finding opportunity ever.

Also Gretta bore her testimony in church on Sunday! It was so sweet and powerful at the same time, she did so great. Her testimony of the Book of Mormon is so strong, there is literally nothing we as missionaries could do to mess this up. She is so ready for baptism 🌊💧💦😊

On Friday we got to do service at the Ronald McDonald house which was so fun too. We helped organize and clean the playroom, some storage closets and the sanctuary. And we got fish tacos afterwards, they’re the best tacos of my life and on Friday they are only $1.25. Mom and Dad, I can’t wait to take you there.

Also we went on a hike this morning! It was surprisingly really hard but it felt good when we were done. Sister M and I have been trying to exercise more and it feels great to come home at the end of the day and feel so tired. On Saturday we tried to use the car as little as possible and we were dead at the end of the day.

So those are the highlights of my week. We’ve been trying to find new people to teach and it hasn’t been easy for us but I’m optimistic for this week. Also Gretta is getting married on Saturday which will be so amazing, she has made so many big changes in her life in order to align herself with God’s will and it is so humbling to see. I’ve been able to meet some amazing people out here! I love my mission! And I love all of you have a great week 😘

Sister Evers

Week 63: Bye A6!

Hello everyone! It’s been the craziest day ever!

So transfer news: Sister Misiuaita and I are going to stay together and only cover the Placentia ward! We are so excited, I’ve never screamed after transfer calls before. It’s sad to have been in Anaheim 6th ward for only 6 weeks but we’ll be back in a few weeks for Sister M to say bye to people.

Also tomorrow we say bye to Sister Wynn tomorrow! It’s been great to have gotten to know her better and be her companion! It’s going to be sad to send her home 😔

But we couldn’t leave A6 without having some miracles first! We went to try to find Christina at home and she wasn’t there, as we were walking out of her complex Sister M saw her playing with her son at the little patio/grill area! So we were able to talk to her and invite her to church! And she came!!!!! As of 5pm today there will be Elders taking over that area and we’re excited for them to continue to teach her and help her progress!

A few random thoughts:
-Last pday we went to TJMaxx to shop for clothes and shoes and we happened upon a journal with a Boyd K. Packer quote! I couldn’t believe my eyes! We weren’t even in a Mormon store or anything and we see a quote from an apostle of the Lord. What are the odds
-This pday (today) we went to the strawberry festival! It was so weird cause I went to that same fair last year! And every single person I went with is home now 🙃 but we had lots of fun even though it’s transfer day, we moved to our new place super early!
-since Sister Wynn is "dying" we took her death picture. I think it turned out great.
-we had an awesome lesson with Gretta this week and she is getting more and more excited for her baptism! She is such an example to me!

No more time! Have a great week everyone! Read your scriptures and say your prayers!

Sister Evers

Sister M quote of the week: (at a members house eating dinner) "The white handbook rules are dumb! I have my own Sister Misiuaita rules" *reaches down to pick up a baby*

Week 62: inspiring people

Hello everyone! This week was amazing! We had the opportunity to meet so many inspiring people and hear their stories. I was constantly being reminded of something my Mimi always says, "everyones life has a story, no matter who you are, you have a story to tell."

The first inspiring person that we met was a woman who was asked to speak at a relief society activity. Her childhood was tragic and scary, full of abuse and neglect. She said that she never felt love in the home at all and the first time she ever remembers feeling safe was when she met her 5th grade teacher. Talking about her teacher the woman said, "By existing she made me feel loved." I thought that was the sweetest thing any one could say and I hope that I some day will be able to reach that level of love and kindness to others. That some day I can just exist and people will feel loved because of it. Her story was incredible and she said she was able to forgive her parents despite them not being sorry or ever asking for forgiveness. What a strong person!

Last night we had dinner with some more amazing people, they have 10 kids- 5 biological and 5 adopted! 3 of the adopted kids are from Ukraine and they have the sweetest accents. The youngest one is actually deaf which was so cool cause we were signing to each other and he could understand me and I could understand him! I’m so grateful for learning a little ASL on my mission even if all I get to use it for was to chat with a crazy 5 year old. (He asked me show old I am and then I answered and then he said I could get married when I’m 24, thanks Andre) But that family is full of people with big hearts!

And of course our investigator Gretta never ceases to inspire me and everyone around her! She has been so aware of the blessings she’s been receiving as a result of her actions. Everything has just been falling into place for her and I’m just happy to be a witness. Her wedding is coming up and we are all so excited!

Lastly, my companions have both inspired me this past week. Sister Wynn is on that last week of her mission now and she is still motivated to WORK! And Sister Misiuaita is going through a lot of family problems at home but she keeps her head up and shares her amazing testimony every chance she gets. Please pray for them!!!!

I know I’m supposed to be here in California surrounded by all these amazing people. I love how being a part of this church binds me to some of the strongest people I know. I’m grateful for the knowledge of our Savior and I know that He is the source to all our our strength. I love you all, have a great week!

Sister Evers

Week 61: happy mother’s day!

Hi everyone! Happy Mothers Day to all the amazing mommas in my life. I have legit no time to email today so here are the highlights of another awesome week in Placentia and Anaheim 6th:☆ we got to do service in a women’s shelter! It was so humbling to see the living conditions of these sweet women and I’m so glad we were able to help them out, even in a small way! (This closet was a mess before we got there)
☆ my girl Irene got baptized! We were all so happy to be with her to celebrate this amazing day, but I don’t think anyone was more happy or excited than Irene was! We could hear her in the back after her baptism yelling, "I did it!" So proud to know her 😊
☆ Gretta is getting closer and closer to her wedding and baptism date! We helped her pick out her dress over Skype and she is so gorgeous! The woman who had the dresses started chatting with Gretta and when she found out she was getting married to be baptized in the Mormon church she said, "no way, I’m Mormon too! Take these dresses for free!" So Gretta ended up taking not one, but two beautiful dresses home for no charge. She called us and was yelling and screaming, "Heavenly Father is helping me so much with this! I know this wedding and baptism is His will!" Miracles people!
☆ one of my lovely companions, Sister Wynn is leaving at the end of the month so she is starting to make the rounds and saying goodbye to all her people. We met with a part member famil6 she worked with and they were SO fun! Also they had the cutest month old French bulldog that I had a hard time not taking with me.
☆ Sunday was the best! We went to both wards and got to see two Primarys sing their cute Mothers Day songs. Then we had lunch at a members in A6 and they were super loud and funny and I just had a great time. We left and caped our families! I was so grateful to talk to them!! I love my family so much!!!!!!!!!!!
☆ on Monday we confirmed our dinner appointment in the morning and by the time dinner came around, they forgot we were coming…. so they had us sit in their beautiful back yard while they went and got pizzas. The view was amazing and then I ate pizza. Not a bad day.

I’m so grateful for all the mom’s in my life that have helped me be who I am today! I’m grateful for a loving Heaenly Father that has placed all of you amazing people in my life! I love being a missionary! Have a great week everyone!

Sister Evers

Sister M quote of the week: "Watch me whip, watch me not care."

Also a health update if any one cares: the tests all came back looking how they’re supposed to look so the doctors have no idea why I’m having these symptoms. But they gave me more drugs and were waiting it out to see if they help. So far so good.

Week 60

Happy Monday y’all.

This week went by so fast!

On Wednesday we went on exchanges! Sister Wynn and I stayed in A6/Placentia and we were joined by SISTER GREENE! It was so fun to be her companion again and reminisce on our many happy memories. It seems like we were companions not too long ago but we have both progressed and learned so much since then, it was a super cool thing to see. We found lots of really cool people to talk to and hopefully those contacts turn into something more! That night we stopped by an investigator in the A6 area and hoped she would be home. Well she was and we were able to teach her the restoration right there! The three of us had never taught together before and we weren’t planning on teaching a lesson so we didn’t even prepare but we’ve all been out 13+ months so I guess you could say we koew what we’re doing. It’s great to work alongside these great, experienced missionaries. During the lesson the spirit was felt so strongly and our investigator was so attentive and asked such good questions, I’m so excited to keep teaching and helping her 💕

It’s been so great working in two areas! We’ve been switching off on our dinner appointments and it’s been awesome getting to know so many members! They’ve all been a great support to us. Also we have twice as many places to go finding! Our wards cover parts of Anaheim, Placentia, Fullerton, Yorba Linda, and Orange. We’ve been able to share the gospel with lots of different kinds of people.

Now for the fun part (not), all of our Thursday and Friday were spent in the radiology department at St. Joseph’s Hospital! Nothing too serious is going on but on Thursday and Friday morning they did a scan on my thyroid and Friday afternoon I got an MRI on my brain! I don’t have results from either test but right now the doctors are just trying to figure out why I’ve been having such horrible headaches for 5+ months and why my thyroid related blood work results are so weird. I haven’t been super open about these health problems that I’ve been having because I’m not looking for sympathy or attention, I just want to get back to work. We are still able to do a lot during the week but not as much as I’d like to or as much as I used to. Heavenly Father has been providing us with people to teach and serve despite my current limitations and I’ve been so blessed to see His hand in my life so visibly. I have a testimony of a loving God who can work with whatever we have to give. Our best is always enough.

We ended our week with lots of finding! Also we got a referral from a member in A6 so we’re praying for that to work out!

I’m so grateful to be here sharing the true and restored gospel of Jesus Christ! I was looking over the General Conference talks from this past session and Elder Anderson said something that really stuck out to me! He said, "Anchoring our souls to the Lord Jesus Christ requires listening to those He sends." It’s so cool to think about how I am surrounded by leaders who are literally sent to me by Christ. And how Christ sends me to people every day. When I read that quote I immediately thought of my amazing mission President and his wife, the Goldens. They have been such a great help to me the last few months. I know the were sent here for lots of reasons but one of them was for me.

Take some time out of your week to look over the conference talks, they are all so insipiring! I hope you all have a great week and know that I love you and pray for you!

Sister Evers

Sister M quote of the week: "I’m a snow woman." (It was cold)

Week 59: service and selfies

We had lots of service opportunities this week and some good teaching appointments! Nothing too out of the ordinary to report 😊

We met Mehdi this week who is probably the most giving person I’ve ever met. All of this bad stuff has happened to him as he has tried to help others! For example, he drives for Uber and one night there was a man outside of a nightclub who needed a ride home but didn’t have any money. Mehdi offers to drive him home for free to help the guy out but a few minutes after they leave the club he realizes that they’re being followed and then someone starts shooting at the car! All he was trying to do was help a guy out and his car gets peppered with bullet holes! I felt so lost in what to say to him because usually Heavenly Father rewards good deeds but all I know is that everything wrong about life can be made right through the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

On Friday we were able to help at CDA Cares which was an event where all these dentists and dental assistants volunteered to give free dental services to people who can’t usually afford it. It was so tender to see how happy these people were despite having undergone painful procedures. I was walking by as a lady was given a mirror to look at her new set of teeth and she turns to the nurse for a hug and starts crying. I was so glad to be a smal part of such a great thing.

Saturday was Love Placentia day! 1,400 people showed up to do various projects around the community. We helped landscape and clean up a local elementary school and it was so fun! We talked to a few people about our missionary work and we loved just being out with the people. Free food and t-shirts were just a perk 😊

We had another zone conference this week and it’s weird to think I only have 3 left. We talked about MEEKNESS. I loved Elder Bednars conference talk on meekness this past conference and I’ve known this is an attribute that I’ve needed to work on since the beginning of my mission. A thought came to my mind during the training: "bearing testimony is more important than being funny."
I’m here to do the Lords work and share my testimony! Not for anything else. I’m excited to work on being more humble and meek.

Well that’s my week! I love being a missionary! Have a great week everyone, I’d love to hear how you all are doing!

Can’t forget the Sister M quote of the week: (she was taking a picture of some missionaries) "Lets take a picture! Smile! Show those yellow teeth!"

Sister Evers

Week 58: 2 areas, 2 times the fun

Hello everyone! This week was so busy and so fun!

First off, I seriously love my companions! I have been cracking up for a whole week straight, they are both so funny and I’m excited for the next 5 weeks!

This Sunday was crazy! We tried to go to both sacrament meetings and introduce my companions to everyone in the Placentia ward and introduce myself to the Anaheim 6th ward. I think between the 3 of us we will learn everyone’s names 😂

All of our lessons in Placentia fell through this week and there are currently no progressing investigators in A6 so we did a lot of finding this week! We were out knocking doors as much as possible and we met some really cool people. Our wards are about 20 minutes apart! We learned a lot this week about planning wisely and trying to be in the car less.

Sister Misiuita quote of the week (we have these rules about technology called safeguards, we had safeguards training on Thursday)
"They’re not gonna need safeguards, they’re gonna need lifeguards cause I’m gonna drown someone."

Pretty boring but I think that’s about it for the week. We’ve just been finding and trying to get our dinner calendar sorted out because we’re double booked for like 2 months. I love sharing the love of Christ with people. I love how the Bible and the Book of Mormon teach us more about Him and how to be like Him. I love my companions and I love this work! Have a great week everyone!

Sister Evers

Week 58: Stretching

Good morning!

So Saturday night we received the news that I’m going to be in a trio again! And our companionship is going to cover the ward I’m in now, the Placentia ward, and the ward those sisters are in, Anaheim 6th ward! I’ve never had to cover two areas before but I am so excited to meet the challenge! Lately I’ve been feeling like I wanted a switch-up from the usual routine, man was that prayer answered!

My two companions are Sister Misiuaita and Sister Wynn! I love those sisters so much and we are all so excited to be together! But I am sad to have only been with cute Sister Jensen for 6 short weeks. She’s sad to leave her "birthplace" but I know she will do so great in her new area 😊

Sister Jensen and I had a great last week together though! On Saturday we were blessed to find Vivy home! We met her only once before and she was so nice. When we stopped by on Saturday she let us right in and her and her sweet family fed us and asked all about us and our missions. We were able to teach Vivy about the Restoration and about what we believe comes after death- two of my favorite topics! We had so much fun over there and I already love her 💕 I’m excited to introduce her to my new companions this week.

On Friday it was super windy and a huge tree infront of our church blew down while Sister Jensen and I were there to drop off some stuff. People from the neighborhood were all coming out of their houses and taking pictures, so crazy.

Wednesday was the last district meeting of the transfer so I have lots of pictures from that. Also we did a mini exchange and Sister Harrison and I drove around Placentia stopping by all these people she wanted to say goodbye to. She leaves tomorrow and we’ll all miss her 💔

Monday we went on a cool hike and went to lunch with Sister Nichols for her birthday! We had a good day. Got pics of that too.

Today we’re heading over to the mission home for breakfast because the Goldens promised if our zone could get 55 new investigators this transfer they would cook for us. And we reached that goal last week so I’m pumped for waffles and hangs with the Goldens.

I’m looking forward to a fun and busy week! I just want to thank you all again for your sweet notes of encouragement and for the prayers. I love you all!!!!

Sister Evers