Week 49: Laissez bon temps rouler!

How is it already Monday again? The weeks are really flying by, I guess I must be having fun??????

But first I have to start by saying HAPPY MARDI GRAS!!!! It hurts not being in New Orleans for this week (first time in 4 years) but I know I’m where God wants me to be and there is always next year! (Mama, please send me some gumbo they don’t know how to make it here.)

This week the best thing that happened was that Pat is alive and not ignoring us! We met him a few weeks ago and he came to church twice and then he dropped off the face of the earth and didn’t respond to our texts for a week. We gave him some space but Friday we stopped by cause we were actually getting worried but HE WAS HOME and he still wants to meet with us and actually used the words, "I’m still interested" so that was a blessing!

Also we got to see my girl Donna! She’s still recovering from hip surgery but she’s still as funny as ever. We got to meet one of her friends and had a very nice gospel conversation with him. There’s been lots of drama happening in that apartment complex since we last stopped by so of course they filled us in.

We had lunch with our sweet less active lady! She makes me laugh!!!!!! She forced me to order steak and lobster and she was talking about getting old and she was like, "it’s literally so weird." What a young soul.

On Wednesday we got smart phones! It’s been awesome but weird! We finally get to see emojis but we have to unlearn habits we have with our old smartphones. No more scrolling out of boredom or solitare 😔

This week wasn’t super eventful but we tried to stay busy and talk to lots of people. I haven’t been feeling my best the last couple weeks but I’ve been pushing through it. I got a blessing on Saturday and I know there are lots of prayers said for me which really helps! When I got a blessing I was just thinking about how grateful I am to be surrounded by righteous, covenant-keeping, priesthood holders and how grateful I am that the priesthood was restored to the earth through a prophet! How blessed are we to live at this time!

I’m grateful for my Heavenly Father who cares so much and is mindful of me. I’m grateful for a Savior who knows exactly how I feel and knows exactly how to help me (Alma 7:11-12.) I’m grateful for all of the people who love and care about me! Thanks for your support and prayers! Love you all, have a safe Mardi Gras! 💚💛💜

Sister Evers


Week 48: Do I look like I speak Tongan?

This week was a slower one but we saw lots of little miracles and tender mercies in this little part of Fullerton 😊

When Sister Greene was here in the area we had looked through our area book at the names of people who had stopped meeting with the missionaries and looked them up on Facebook! There was one man I was prompted to add and he accepted my request but I completely forgot to message him or contact him so nothing came of it….. UNTIL on Thursday he randomly messaged me….. IN TONGAN! There are so many reasons I know why God had Sister Kaufusi train me and the fact that she taught me a bit of Tongan is one of them! I was able to respond to this man and hold a conversation! It was so cool! But I’m still not sure why someone would message a random white girl in Tongan? I don’t think I look like I would know Tongan but I guess God works in mysterious ways!

So that was one cool thing that happened! Another one is that we were walking around downtown Fullerton on Sunday night which was dead because everyone was watching the super bowl. But literally the only person we talked to was a super sweet and humble man who expressed to us his fear of developing a realationship with God because of his past. We were able to speak some peace to his mind and say a prayer with him right there in the street! It was a blessing that everyone was inside watching the game because it was so quiet!
It’s also a blessing that I’ll be home for the next super bowl cause Sunday was rough.

Other things that happened this week are
☆ we helped the Korean with English Class again! We watched the Mormon message called "Checking Your Privileges" and the students thought it was the most funny thing they’d ever seen 😂
☆ we tried a new way to find and talk to people- yard sales! We got lots of cards passed out, made some new friends and Sister Nichols and I both got some new clothes!
☆ Zone Conference was on Thursday and we learned about receiving, recognizing, and acting on the spirit! Also we learned about the Christlike attribute of humility which is good cause I’ve been trying to work on that my entire mission/life 🙈
☆ twice this week for exercise we went to this huge hill that has like miles of stairs on it! We died but made it to the top both days
☆ we went by this less active lady’s house and she has a 100 year old self playing piano! She has cabinets and cabinets of rolls for it, it works by putting the roll of paper in the piano that has holes in it based on the notes and then you pedal it and it plays! It was so cool! Also that lady is hilarious. She dated Bruce R. McConkie when she was young… he’s "not her type"

I think that’s it for my week! I know that God is mindful of all His children and wants us to learn and grow! A quote I read this week that I really like goes, "Our Father in Heaven is concerned not just about our comfort but even more about our upward progress." Life wasn’t made to be a smooth ride the whole time! We were sent here to progress and learn from the hard times and be grateful for the good ones.
Love you all! Have a great week!

Sister Evers

Week 47: Be of good cheer!

Hello everyone! The Santa Ana winds are here and it’s been a weird week. I heard before my mission that these winds make everyone go crazy and after these last few days I can testify to that. (also I just put a bunch of people on my weekly list, I apologize for my laziness in not adding you sooner, love you 🙈)

So the most important and exciting thing that happened is that we had another lesson with Pat and he came to church! He said that he understands why Christ would need to restore His church on the earth and that he thinks it’s true! What a blessing to be able to teach and help someone who is so prepared!

On Sunday all the stakes in California participated in a broadcast from church headquarters and it was so inspiring and uplifting! The things I took from it are 1. Serve people because of the love I have for them and Christ!
2. Do the work of the Lord more cheerfully! It is never a burden to be a servant of the Lord!
3. You can do lots to lift the church and the people around you from right where you stand

Wednesday we had Book of Mormon class and we read about Enos! I seriously love that story and if you need a quick pick me up then that is a good chapter to read. The Atonement changes lives people!

Other than that we did service at Rise Against Hunger again, helped our STLs clean the nasty apartment their inherited from some elders, had lunch and a lesson with our new investigator Stephen and walked around beautiful Fullerton trying to find people to teach! It’s great to be a missionary! Love you all, have a great week!

Sister Evers

Week 46: My testimony cannot be stopped

So at district meeting this week we talked about bearing our tecstimony to people. People can argue doctrine with you all day long but if you express the feelings of your heart and how you really feel this is true, what can people say? And I told them how in my last area Sister Kaufusi came across an anti-Mormon pamphlet that said "if you ever talk to a Mormon, don’t let them "bear their testimony" to you. It’s a form of hypnosis and mind control." I guess people are starting to realize the power and influence of the Holy Spirit of God! But then on Friday we were knocking doors and literally THE FIRST door we knock on the man introduces himself as a pastor. I enjoy talking to people of different faiths about their beliefs! But I don’t enjoy people tearing down my beliefs and being disrespectful! So I was less than jazzed to knock on his door but when he started to argue about something he thought we believed in I just bore my testimony of the Book of Mormon and told him if he would read it and ask God if it was true he would gain that same witness! I wasn’t planning on doing that and as the words were coming out of my mouth I was like, "this is a bad idea" but I literally couldn’t stop myself from bearing my testimony and it was an experience that really made me understand that this isn’t my work. I let myself be an instrument in God’s hand that day and it felt great.

We found a new investigator this week named Pat! He was hosing leaves off his driveway and we went up and said hi! He said that he is Christian but was never baptized or anything and I was like, "have you ever thought about being baptized in a Christian church?" And he was like, "Yeah!" So we taught him the restoration and he came to church on Sunday! We think he really enjoyed it and the ward welcomed him with open arms! It’s been so nice to start seeing all of our hard work pay off!

Other exciting happening this week include:
☆ a day spent at Rise Against Hunger! We lifted heavy stuff and did the dishes
☆ we chalked the Plan of Salvation on the sidewalk infront of the church!
☆ last week we went to this really cool old fashioned ice cream parlor for Roberts birthday! It was so delicious and fun! Sister Greene and Burton and their companions joined us!
☆ we had our last English Class of the transfer! I love Koreans
☆ transfer news! I’m staying in Fullerton for 6 more weeks! So happy to stay in this area and keep making things happen!

My companion Sister Nichols and I had a really great week and are looking forward to more great weeks here! I love you all!

Sister Evers

Week 45: “Um… We don’t have a TV…..”

On Tuesday we had a weird thing happen…. someone knocked on our door instead of us knocking on theirs! A guy was selling cable and internet service and Sister Nichols just looked at him and said "we don’t have a tv." I wonder what he thought of us.

Anyway, this week was super awesome! On Monday we had a sisters activity at the mission home and I got to see all my cute friends! Also we got to have lessons with all our our investigators! We got to see some amazing progress in the area and I am just so happy to be here!

Other highlights of the week:
☆ our flip phone broke which meant we had to go to the mission office which most importantly meant we got to go to Joe’s!
☆ we had another temple tour! We had an awesome time with our members and one of them brought their nonmember friend! She really enjoyed the tour! Also I got to see my lovely ex-comp Sister Greene ❤❤❤❤
☆ feeding the homeless at Mary’s!
☆ the Goldens came to our apartment for a visit and a spiritual message! They are the best people in the world and they gave us candy
☆ with the New Year our mission is doing a study on Jesus Christ and how to be more Christ centered. It was literally an amswer to my prayer! It’s been such a blessing to learn more about the Savior these past 2 weeks!

I love you all so much! Have a great week!

Week 44: “Findin’ and Grindin'”

*disclaimer: the subject line was an actual quote said by one of my zone leaders while conducting a meeting, not in an ironic way*

Despite being surrounded by crazy people (mostly other missionaries) we had an awesome week! We went on exchanges with our STLs on Thursday and I got to go to La Habra with Sister Cottle! It was so fun and I love her so much! They have an investigator that super wants to get baptized but things keep getting in her way. She’s been dealing with some medical issues but we went over to try to get her to at least have her baptismal interview. Sister Cottle was so sweet and was like, "Okay if this is stressing you out then we’ll wait to have your interview" and I was like "NO you’re having it today sorry you have to get baptized." And we did have her interview and now she has one less thing in the way of her getting dunked 🙃 My purpose as a missionary is to help people make covenants and I felt good about accomplishing my purpose that day.

Also we saw another miracle! We wandered our way into a new neighborhood on Wednesday that we never knew was there! We street contacted a bit but then decided to knock some doors. We didn’t have a lot of time but the first (and only) door we ended up knocking on that day was for this super awesome solid girl! She said she had company over but we could come back sometime in the morning. We didn’t even talk about the gospel at all, she answered the door, told us to come back and closed the door. On Friday morning we felt like we needed to go back and see her and she was home! She had 10 minutes before she had to go to work so we sat down and taught her about the restoration! It was so awesome and she asked us "how do I learn more about this?" Hahaha, isn’t that funny. So we’re hopefully going to be able to teach her more!

On Saturday we got sushi for lunch (I’ve turned my companion into a sushi addict, she makes us get it like twice a week.) They guy who was ringing up our takeout took one look at our name tags and said "Jesus rules!" We were like, yeah He does and we talked a little bit about the gospel and the guy told us that next time we come in he’ll give us free sushi. I think my comp almost passed out.

The rest of our time this week was spent inviting people to the temple tour we’re hosting at the Newport Beach Temple! We’ve been going to every members house and asked them to pray about who they could invite! Temples are amazing places and you can’t deny the spirit that is felt there! Eternal families are the best.

Anyway this week was awesome and I’m learning so much every day. It’s become more real to me recently the power that the Atonement of Christ can have in our lives. He’s not only here to save us from our sins but to save us from our sadness and hardships. Jesus DOES rule!

Love you all so much! Have a great week!

Week 43: California knows how to party

Happy New Year everyone!

It was a crazy week! We saw lots of little miracles and some progress in this area!

The coolest thing that happened was on Wednesday. In the morning we set our plans for the day and then went to district meeting. In our meeting Sister Smith talked about praying to see when you should try to find people home! It seems like the simplest thing ever but afterwards we prayed to ask what time we should try to see this referral that we’ve been really trying to meet with! That morning we had planned to go by her house at 5 but the time 3:45 kept sticking out in my head! So we listened to the prompting and…….. she was HOME! It was so awesome and we had a great conversation with her! We testified of the truthfulness of our message and set up a return appointment. As we were leaving she even said, "Its crazy that you found me home, I’m almost never here!" It was the best 😊

We had another opportunity to do service at Rise Against Hunger! With our silly zone leaders. Also we helped a new family move into the ward on Saturday! Yay for service and new ward members! The rest of our time this week was spent FINDING! Talking to people on the street and at their doorsteps used to be like my least favorite thing but now I love it. I’ve met some of the sweetest/weirdest/funniest people out here.

New Years Eve was the best! After an awesome day of church we went to help the Tolleys cook dinner for us and 9 other companionships of sisters! They hosted us all for dinner that night and it was so fun! We made pizzas, played games, read a Christmas stories and I got to catch up with my Garden Grove fam! I wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else on New Years!
New Years day was a different story 😂
Fullerton looked like a ghost town! Not sure if people were sleeping in, hungover or celebrating the new weed law that went into effect that day but it was the slowest day in history. But that night we got pho and froyo which can make any day alright.

I hope you’ve all made some time to make some righteous resolutions for new years! In church someone said that making resolutions is that secular version of repentance. So true!
Have a great week everyone! Love you!

Week 42: Birthday cake for Jesus

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope everyone had an amazing day opening presents, eating lots of food and celebrating the miraculous birth of our Savior. In Garden Grove we worked with a man named Robert who was special needs and he told us that the reason we put up lights on our houses for Christmas was so that when Jesus looked down at the earth it would look like a big birthday cake. I’ve thought about that a lot actually and it’s probably the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard.

This week was amazing as we’ve been able to spread the joy of Christmas full time! We had an awesome zone conference on Thursday and learned more about working with members and door knocking! On Friday we got to volunteer with the Ronald McDonald house and help with the event they were having at the Great Wolf Lodge! That place is crazy! We got to help unpack like 500 bags of toys and it was so much fun!

Christmas was so great! I got to talk to my sweet family back at home and spend time with my CAM family! I love being a missionary during this time of year! (My companion wrapped my can of diet coke cause she knew it was the first thing I would want in the morning, she knows me)

Thank you all so much for the cards, packages, love and prayers! I love you all! Merry Christmas!

Sister Evers

Week 41: “Sorry my companion is mute.”

So I have this problem normally when we’re teaching lessons, talking to people on the street or in like every setting where I just talk too much…. well this week we fixed it. Cause I got a viral infection in my throat! So I haven’t been talking much since Thursday and Sister Nichols has been rocking being a pretty much solo missionary. And when people point at me and are like, "Why isn’t she talking?" she’s just been telling them I’m mute.

But the beginning of the week was great! On Monday we said bye to sweet Jacob and Joey who moved to Texas on Wednesday. I’m going to miss them so much! But I’ll be seeing them when I visit Texas for sure! They have had such a positive impact on my life and have been great examples to me. Acacia Park won’t be the same without them 💔

Tuesday we had service at Rise Against Hunger! We moved like a million pounds of soy, rice and other stuff and we were dead afterwards. But our hearts were happy to serve for such a good cause. Wednesday we had such a good day! We parked the car at the church and then walked like 2 miles away and then came back! We talked to so many people on the street and were able to share #lighttheworld with them all! Afterwards we tried some different people that we had met over the last month and then went to Sweet Tomatoes! We ate so dang much because we were hungry from walking around so much that day! We are so spoiled with our car and I know other missionaries walk like triple what we did everyday of their mission, I’m just blessed to be in Cali and God knew what He was doing when He sent me here.

Thursday we had district meeting and my zone is seriously the biggest group of goofballs in the world. We had a good meeting about how to better teach the lesson of the Restoration which was great! Hopefully this week I’ll feel better and be able to use what I’ve learned.
Friday I slept most of the day, but I did get up for our lunch and dinner appointments of course. We had dinner with one of my favorite couples, the Jensens! Their grandson was my cousins MTC companion! Sister Jensen gave us Christmas stockings! And invited us over for Christmas dinner! They are awesome.

Saturday I slept A LOT. The Korean elders needed lots of help with their Christmas party and I was feeling really sick so we weren’t gonna go but I also felt bad because they asked us for help like a month ago. So after we got back from the doctor we went to help and I slept on the stage while my companion decorated the 12 foot Christmas tree. Eventually I got up and set up all the centerpieces and taste tested the cookies. The party was SO FUN. The food was super good, for the program the elders sang "All I Want for Christmas is You" (it’s their favorite American song) and the adults did a choreographed dance with hula hoops to "Gangnam Style." It was a wondrous sight to behold.

I finished the Book of Mormon this week! It’s my second time through while on my mission and hopefully I’ll be able to read it another 2 times! I’ve been out for 9 months now which is weird to say but we’re halfway there! I still have so much to learn. One of the last chapters in the Book of Mormon talks about charity and in church on Sunday we had a lesson about loving everyone especially if they are of another faith! That chapter talks about having charity for ALL MEN and it doesn’t say anything about saving your love for people who have the same beliefs! It was cool to how much what we learn in church relates to the scriptures.

I’m so grateful for this Christmas season! I’m grateful for the time we have to focus on the Savior and on serving others. I love the scriptures, I love Jesus Christ and I love all of you! I hope you all have an amazing week and an amazing Christmas!

Sister Evers

Week 40: 90° December

This week was weird! We met this guy on the street and he invited us into his restaurant and told us to order whatever we wanted, Sister Nichols got attacked by a dog, we got to go to a Festival of Trees fundraiser, and it was 90 degrees all week.
I realized that my pictures didn’t send last week so here they are and some new ones! We saw an awesome sunset, I parallel parked in the smallest spot ever and sweet Sister Reeder gave us early Christmas gifts.
At Stake Conference this week we heard a lot of different messages but the one that really stuck with me was about following the Lords will in our lives! Because He has given us so much He expects a lot from us. And everything He asks is to do is for our benefit anyway! Seek out the Lord’s will in your life and then pray for the faith to fearlessly follow it!
I love being a missionary! I love teaching people about Christ!
I love all of you! Thank you for all of the Christmas cards and presents I’ve already gotten and for the ones still coming! I’m so grateful for all of you!

Sister Evers