The Beginning

My mission papers are a work in progress y’all. 

I definitely would’ve been done by now if I also wasn’t working two jobs and finishing up with Summer classes. I’m sure someday I will look back on this time and laugh because I thought this was what it’s like to be busy. Much busier days lie ahead!

But I’m so extremely excited to actually get the ball rolling with my mission. I’ve known for awhile that this is what God has in store for me and I’m excited for what these next years will bring. I know preparing for a mission is what I’m supposed to be doing and I’m so grateful to have support from my amazing friends, family, and church leaders. 

So my goal is have my papers done and submitted by mid-September. In the mean time I’ll be working, graduating college, going to weddings, finding a new job and keeping up with my scripture study! Heavenly Father is throwing a lot at me but I know it’s to prepare me for what’s in store. 

The church is true! God bless!

September 2014: The day I was first prompted to serve a mission