Week 5: Be fearless like Jesus!

This week was full of a lot of firsts for me! First time eating pho, first holiday on the mission, and most importantly, first time eating at In N Out. All of those firsts were really awesome but this week also had more than its fair share of struggles. I knew coming out here would be hard and I thought I was prepared. Little did I know!We’ve spent a lot of time this week walking, talking to people, inviting them to church, getting lots of weird excuses, and walking some more. I learned that I have so much more to learn.
But Easter was super awesome! Blaine came to church and this guy we invited from off the street! Couldn’t believe it. But after church we did our personal/comp study in a park and it was the most beautiful day. After we had dinner at a members house and it was SO good. It was a big family thing and we met a girl who’s getting ready to turn in her mission papers. It was the weirdest thing ever talking to her cause I literally was her like, yesterday. But it was so fun and we got to hang with our homie Ruth. She’s an awesome lady who always kinda hated Mormons until she met us. She loves us now, duh.
Like I said this week was kinda hard but the only way I’ve been able to get over the hard moments is through finding strength in Jesus Christ. I can’t imagine trying to get through life without Him and when I think about how people are doing that now it makes me want to work even harder. I’m so grateful for the opportunity I have been given to share the happy message of the gospel. I don’t care if a million old people get mad at me for making them answer the door in the middle of their golf show, if I can help even one person I know it’s gotta be worth it. Easter was the best, I wish we could all remember the Savior like that every day.
I’m so grateful for my family, my fellow missionaries and my amazing friends for supporting me and giving me lots of reasons to smile. Love you all!

-Sister Evers

1. Don’t leave your planning whiteboard at church when you go to lunch
2. Me being lame at In N Out
3. Me being lame at the pho place
4. My companion, Ruth and I on Easter


Week 4:

First week in the field! Oh my goodness this week just so many things, mostly fun but a little scary. I’m serving in the Garden Grove area in the Valley View ward and it’s been so great! Our area is super tiny and at the edge of the mission but it’s full of amazing people! Everyone I’ve met so far has been so nice and has assured me that I’m at the best ward in the mission and that I’m so lucky. And I feel lucky! Lucky to be here and lucky to be a missionary.
My trainer is amazing! Her name is Sister Kaufusi and she’s from Tonga. She’s already taught me so much but also made me do a lot of stuff I didn’t want to do (like knock doors, ugh).
This week I’ve been able to meet Blaine who is an investigator and just a super cool person. We are all excited for him to be baptized next month and we’re doing what we can to help him get ready! I taught him the Restoration lesson on Thursday and it is so different than teaching in the MTC, holy cow. I felt like I had never taught it before in my life but I just pushed through and relied on the Spirit and it actually went well! Blaine is so awesome cause he’s put in the work to have a strong testimony and I’m just so excited for him.
We’re working hard to find new people to teach or reactivate and I know that through obedience and hard work we’ll be blessed with lots of opportunities! One thing I have been blessed with for sure is a supportive ward. We’ve been fed at least once, sometimes twice, a day since I’ve been here and man these women can cook. Hopefully everyone recognizes me when I get home cause I’ll be 100 pounds heavier. But I’m so blessed to be here and so blessed to share the Savior’s love with these people during this Easter season. Heavenly Father loves us so much! He sent His Son! Happy Easter everyone, I love you all! Thanks for all the prayers and love!

-Sister Evers


Week 3: Bye MTC!

Wow! I never would’ve imagined that I would get so close to a group of Mormon kids but wow was it hard saying goodbye to my district and to the MTC this morning. We woke up at 2:45 and loaded onto a bus packed FULL of missionaries. Then we all got onto a train which was crazy with all of us having 2+ suitcases but we made it. And I got to talk to my mom! Holy cow I love that woman with my whole heart and it was so hard not to be sad after hanging up with her. It’s also hard not to be sad leaving the MTC because it was so amazing and I’m really in love with my district but I’m so excited for whats to come. What little I’ve seen of California is so beautiful and I’m so excited to lose my self in the service of these people.
I love the gospel, I love Jesus Christ, I love my family and I love all of you. Shout out to Morgan for the AMAZING package and to Angy girl for all the letters, your love and support means more than you know.

Sister Evers