Week 11: Why do I love you so much?

This week was tough.

Our sweet Ruth, a lady we’ve been teaching and who I have grown to love so so much, passed away. It was so sudden and sad but we were happy we were able to say goodbye and to have known her in the first place. Last Friday was her 94th birthday and we visited her and she was firey as ever! She always tells us stories and makes us laugh. But on Sunday she went into the hospital and on Wednesday we said goodbye. Her family and caretaker were so happy when we got there because apparently Ruth was bugging them all constantly, "when are my girls gonna get here!?" It was probably the saddest thing I’ve ever experienced and Ruth looked at us and said, "Why do I love you so much? I don’t know why, but I know that I do!"

I still feel her love and I know she’s happy. I know that she is with all the people she’s been missing for so long and that I will see her again! I’m so grateful for what I know, Heavenly Fathers plan for us has gotten so much more real to me.

There were a few good things that happened this week though! Opposition in all things right? On Saturday we got to help at the Korean wards car wash and talk to people that were waiting for their cars. That was great and we got lots of cards/pamphlets passed out. Afterwards they fed us all these cool Korean snacks, had a little cookout and the elders washed our car so that was awesome. Also Anna took us to get Korean barbecue on Thursday. Where has that been all my life?! So stinkin’ good. Also we had 2 investigators, 3 less active families and 2 recent converts all that we’re working with come to church! And Blaine is getting the Priesthood next week! Super pumped for all of that. Also pumped about all the barbecue I’m going to eat today. God Bless America.

I’m grateful for this tough week and everything it’s taught me. I’m so grateful to have a Savior to rely on. I don’t know how people make it through things like this without Him. I’m grateful to be here in California and to share the good news of the gospel with everyone that I meet. I’m grateful for this beautiful country and for the freedom my friends and family enjoy. Everyone have an awesome week, keep smiling and relying on Jesus, that’s what I’m gonna do. Love you all!

Sister Evers



Week 10: A wise hustler

Happy Monday everybody, I think I’m actually kinda adjusting to missionary life because I feel like there’s no way it’s Monday already!

This week was busy and amazing! I committed someone to be baptized!
We’ve been meeting with Ben for a few weeks and he loves coming to church but we weren’t sure if he actually wanted to do this thing for real or just learn about it and attend Sunday services. But after our lesson on Thursday I asked him if he thought what we were teaching him was true and he said he does. And I asked him to be baptized and he said yes! I couldn’t believe my ears. It was so cool to see the Spirit work through me and help me say what Ben needed to hear and we are so excited for him. I feel like a real life missionary!

We had an awesome lesson with Alan this week too, he was baptized when he was 18 but now he’s 35 and hasn’t gone to church in years! We’ve been meeting with him every week since I’ve been here and every time he promises to come on Sunday but he never shows. And after our super spiritual lesson I thought he would finally be there but he wasn’t. Before we start our lessons we always chat for a bit and we were talking about crazy people on Black Friday and I don’t even remember what I said but Alan was like, "I bet when you were little in Florida you were just walking through the orange groves with an orange in one hand and a book in the other. I just thought you were just a fanshionista but you’re wise, you’re a wise hustler." And I was like, "Duh Alan."
So he used to call me Florida but now I’m wise hustler. Don’t ask me what he means by that cause I have no idea.
We taught him the 1st missionary lesson to remind him about where he started and he loved it but I guess not enough to get his lazy bones to church. We’ll keep trying!

Also we spent a lot of time visiting less active ladies who are only that way because they’re too sick to come to church. So many sweet spirits.
We were so busy this week but it was amazing because I love the crap out of everyone we saw, it’s the weirdest thing. And Blaine is still doing good! He’s a little sick but we’ve gone over to read the Book of Mormon with him and he loves it. Someone this week compared the Book of Mormon to dessert and that is just so true. The Old and New Testament are the meat and potatoes but the Book of Mormon is dessert. And that’s why Mormons are so happy, because we’re always eating dessert. I love dessert.

And I love all of you, everyone have a super awesome week and remember to eat your dessert everyday!

Sister Evers


(I didn’t take a lot of pictures this week but that’s Robert in his awesome outfit, my zone picture and more pics of the baptism last week 😊)

Week 9: Best week ever

Best week of my mission so far! And we’re only 2 months in! Can’t wait for all the other awesome weeks I’m going to have!

Blaine got baptized! It was so tender and amazing. So many people from the ward came and all the missionaries that have helped teach him were there. Blaine said he felt the Spirit and knew he made the right choice. We couldn’t ask for anything better!

I got to Skype my family! And Angy of course 😊
But it was so great, I thought I was gonna be crying my face off but I was just happy to see them! I can’t wait to see them in real life next September but I’m excited to stay here and make them proud!

On Wednesday Sam brought us out for tacos, Thursday we had our last district meeting of tne transfer and cutie Sister Altorfer made us lunch. Friday we got to go to a Mothers Day activity put on by the Samoan ward! It was so awesome and I ate food that I had no idea what it was but it was delicious. Saturday we helped Sister Theodore make cookies, cupcakes, lemon squares and cheesecake for the baptism.

But I made it a whole transfer! Which means new missionaries are coming! So exciting.

But Happy Mothers day to all the mommas in my life. I love you, Jesus loves you, have a great week!

Sister Evers


Week 8: “I needed to DTR with Jesus”

Hi everyone!Hope everyone had a good week, cause I sure did. I ate a lot of tacos, had Joe’s twice, and got to share the happiest message in the world.
This week we’ve been getting everything ready for Blaine’s baptism! We are all so excited, especially Blaine, and I can’t wait for everything this new beginning has in store for him! It’ll be on Saturday so I’ll have pictures next week!
We had zone conference on Wednesday and it was super good, it really helped me get motivated to work hard and to be happy about missionary work! President Taggart spoke about replacing darkness with light. When we have a bad thought or a bad habit we’re trying to overcome, then we need to replace the thought or action with something good! It’s impossible to push out the darkness on your own, you need light! So I’ve been trying to replace all my old bad habits with good new habits! It’s way easier said than done.
But after zone conference we got Joe’s, which is an Italian ice place owned by a member, so it’s freeeeee. And we go there too much but it was fun to be there with so many cool missionaries.
On Friday we went to the mission office for some more training cause I’m still a greenie which was also super good! I love learning from my mission president.
Saturday and Sunday day were pretty average. Church was super good as always and we had an investigator we just started teaching come and three less active families we’ve been working with come. That felt pretty good.
So Anna, she’s been meeting with the missionaries for 2 years, she loves having them come over and her besties next door are Mormon. She is really the coolest lady ever but we don’t really know what to teach her because she’s really heard it all before. But she keeps inviting us back, so we’ve just been focusing on trying to find out why she hasn’t been baptized already! We were having this random conversation about my crazy teenage sisters and Anna mentioned that she used to be really crazy and lost until she started believing in God. She said that for her, hitting rock bottom was the only way that she would’ve ever turned to Him and she said "I knew it was time I needed to DTR with Jesus." So after we got done laughing about that (DTR means define the relationship for the nonmillenials out there), we finally got to talk a little bit about her beliefs. Finally. I think missions are so long because true conversion takes so dang long and people are so afraid of change that we have to spend years beating the sense into them.
But! This week was awesome, good things are starting to happen and I’m really happy. Shout out to my cool cousin and his pretty wife for getting married this week! Wish I could’ve been there!
As always thanks to everyone for the support, emails, letters, and prayers.

Sister Evers


Week 7: Happiest place on earth!

This week I had the opportunity to meet so many amazing people! And to learn more about the people I already have come to love. This part of California is so unique and amazing and it already has a special place in my heart. We have a really big, awesome ward but it could be bigger and more awesome so we spend most of our time with less active and part member families. So many sweet spirits who need to come back to church! And receive the blessings that come from it! We’ve been trying to get this one less active dude to come back to church and I can tell he wants to but he’s embarrassed and a little scared. I feel for him because I use to see repentance and change as a scary and hard thing but it really is the easier way! It’s so much easier to just say sorry and let Jesus take care of it! All we gotta do is try harder tomorrow. We can literally start everyday brand new if we want! We just have to want it. I hope that everyone who feels bad for something they’ve done will just hand it over to Christ and let yourself be happy!
On Wednesday we went on exchanges! I got to go to the Bolsa area, which is in Little Saigon, with Sister Johnson! It was really fun and it was cool to see such as experienced missionary in action. She left on her mission less than a year after she got baptized! She’s awesome.
On Friday a family in our ward invited us over for Tongan food and I’ve never seen Sister Kaufusi so happy in my life. It was super good and I ate way too much.
Sunday we had a potluck after church and it was awesome. A member brought his fryer and was just frying taquitos and French fries the whole time and again, I ate way too much. Then we went to a mission farewell party for a soon to be elder from the ward! He’s going to Japan and I was talking to his dad and it turns out he served in Idaho with my dad! Small world! He even pulled out his old mission journal and showed me where he wrote about my dad! So that was awesome.
Today we went to Downtown Disney with Sister Powell and her super funny zone. I missed Sister Powell so much so it was great to see her and bond over Mickey rice crispies.
But overall this was a super solid week, lots of little miracles! Love you all and would love to hear how you’re doing!!!

Sister Evers