Week 15: Another 6 weeks in Valley View

It’s transfer day! And I’m staying here in Valley View with Sister Kaufusi 😊

And that’s just the beginning of the good news we got this week…

First off, Blaine got to pass the sacrament yesterday for the first time and we’re going with him to the temple tomorrow! I’m so happy for him! His life has changed so much and he has seen so many blessings from all of these little steps of faith he’s been taking. My heart is just so happy and full.

It was Sister Kaufusi’s birthday on Saturday! We had her party last Monday cause today is transfers but it was so fun. The elders barbequed, the Samoan sisters made an amazing cake and we just hung out and ate way too much food all day. It was a good day. Then Saturday I took her out to breakfast and her trainer who has been home for 6 months came and suprised her at lunch! It was so sweet and I’m so glad I got to meet her! Funny story about her- so she’s out here in Caliornia visiting all her missionary friends and the members that she loves and she went to visit this one member who’s like 90. She shows up and he was just like "Hi Sister Carter, so what are we going to read today?" And instead of like, explaining to him that she’s just there to visit and say hi, she pulls out her scriptures and starts reading with him and is asking him what he thinks about certain verses, what a good returned missionary 😂 But her birthday was awesome and that night we got to go to a play put on by the Samoan ward, it was cheesy and silly but it was fun. And they made us be in it and we were so terrible 😂

Sunday was super good too, Ben came and also this other girl who we are hopefully gonna start teaching soon! Lots of good things are happening here and I’m stoked to be apart of it.

On Wednesday we got to volunteer at the special Olympics! It was the most fun I’ve had in forever. I got to keep score for basketball and the amount of sheer joy on their faces when they make a basket is just unreal. They are such sweet spirits and couldn’t keep the smile from off my face, it was such a blessing to be able to serve them 😊

We’re getting a new mission president this week and I can’t wait to meet him! He’s lucky he gets to preside over the best mission in the world.

This week was so great! I’m so grateful to be out here serving a mission and even though I’m tired 100% of the time, I’m so happy. I love you all so much, Jesus sure loves you, make it a great week everyone!

ALSO shout out to Morgan for being the greatest person that I know! She sent me an amazing package full of treats and cute stuff and crafts! LOVE YOU SO MUCH ❤

-Sister Evers



Week 14: Another week, another trip to Joe’s

This was probably the best week of my mission so far. I say that every week but we really made so much progress and I am so excited about the work here in Valley View!!!!!

On Monday we had our first real lesson with Trevor! He’s in high school and the dude is so sweet and he is really searching for truth. He said that his science side prevents him from believing in the Adam and Eve/Earth was created in 7 days thing. I told him about how my science side is such a big part of me and that the Book of Mormon is the rock solid proof that I needed to believe! I promised him that he would be happy with the conclusions that the Book of Mormon helps us come to. He committed to read, pray about it and come to church! And he actually did all of that! Today I am a happy missionary.

On Wednesday we had Zone Conference with my second favorite zone, Anaheim (first fave is Garden Grove, my home 😊). But it was so fun and I learned so much. The missionaries who are leaving this week all got up to bear their testimonies and what they said changed my mission One elder talked about how during his first week he was having a really hard time and he prayed to Heavenly Father for his time here to fly by. Then he had a dream that he was home after his mission, his family and friends were surrounding him and they were so proud. They were asking about his mission and showing him pictures but he couldn’t remember anything about his last 2 years. And he was so sad and promised after that to make the best of everyday and make everyday worth remembering! I loved that story and I’m definitely going to apply it to my mission and I know everyone can apply it to their lives! If you’re going through something really hard, think about the good things you can take from it and learn. Every experience we have is for a reason, don’t pray to just get through something! We’re supposed to remember that hard things we go through because it helps us grow and we can always find joy along the way.

Sunday was great because duh, church. But our ward has like 10 missionaries out right now and one came home on Friday and he gave his homecoming talk on Sunday! His mom and sister played a beautiful medley of missionary hymms on the piano. One of the songs was the first song we sang when I got to the MTC so I was tearing up a little thinking about that and then I looked at the returned missionary and he was crying and then I look at Sister K and she was crying and then we all cried more. It’s a weird feeling that all missionaries know, and I’m just starting to understand, that this work is so hard and exhausting but it brings more joy and pride than anything I’ve ever done. And I looked at that elder and felt for him and realized I don’t want to be him! I don’t want to ever go home!

This week was amazing and mission/life changing just like every week. I’m so grateful to be here surrounded by great missionaries and new friends. And yes of course after zone conference we went to Joe’s and it was so stinkin good. Other fun stuff we did was a hike last Monday, an awesome fathers day steak dinner, party at the Michnowicz’s (mom that’s the lady that keeps sending you pics) and today is Sister Kaufusi’s birthday party! Finally joining the 21 club. We’re having a cookout for her so I’m excited!

I love you all! Jesus loves ya too! Have a great week!

Sister Evers


Week 13: Exchanges!

This week was a quick one!

We had so much fun this week and it was probably the most successful week on my mission so far. Our members are amazing! Not only because we were fed dinner every night this week, (and lunch most days, we’re spoiled) but because they are so good about bringing their friends to church! We were so blessed to have two new investigators come with their friends to church and we’re looking forward to teaching them both next week. And of course good ol’ Ben was there. He’s getting baptized on July 7th and hes been doing so great with his commitments! This week he committed to live the Word of Wisdom which is a big change but he’s been faithful and he’s already seen blessings from it. And of course he always commits to coming to church and we love having him there.
Also on Sunday we got to teach the lesson in Gospel Principles class with literally no time prepare! Luckily the lesson was on about how Jesus Christ leads His church today and since we talk about that everyday, we did alright. And again, our members are amazing and they had the most beautiful and spiritual comments to contribute to the lesson. How grateful I am for them and to be here serving them.

On Saturday we got to do companion exchanges! Sister Kaufusi went to the Bolsa area and Sister Wester joined me here in Valley View. I was actually terrified at first because I had to be in charge and decide what we were going to do/who we were going to see. But I guess I forgot how awesome Sister Webster is! She helped me so much and was such an example of the missionary I want to be! She was handing out Book of Mormons like free candy and she testified of truth every chance she got, she’s a rock star. I learned so much. And our district went out for burgers and that was great because I love them and burgers.

Blaines still doing awesome, he loves the Book of Mormon and being a priesthood holder. And he’s been preparing family names for the temple and doing missionary work! What an example.

This week was so great and I feel like I can actually do this! I can be a missionary and do hard things! I have been having a great time being able to constantly talk about something that makes me so happy! This week was full of so many little miracles and I promise if you look for the little miracles in your life you will find them. I love you all, most importantly Jesus loves you- have an awesome week everyone!


Sister Evers


Week 12: Choosing to be happy 😊

I’ve officially been in California for two months! It feels like an eternity and like 5 minutes at the same time.

We got to do some awesome stuff this week! Last Monday we got to go to the Strawberry Festival! It was super fun and we even got to go on a ride. For dinner we always go to this one cute family to eat and read the Book of Mormon and they made ribs and fried pickles! Just for me! I was so happy. And I got a pic of cutie Alexis with her amazing sphinx project for school. I love them so much.
On Wednesday we volunteered at Mary’s Kitchen which is like a soup kitchen for homeless people but they serve awesome homemade food and it was so nice and fun helping out there. We got to meet lots of people and they were all so kind and grateful. The rest of the week we were just visiting people, meeting with Ben and Blaine, and doing service.

Saturday was Ruths service. It was so sweet and it just made me so much more glad that I was able to know her. She was such an example of charity and love and I’m trying to be more like her. Afterwards we helped the family with cleanup and with the luncheon they were hosting. The food was amazing but it was more amazing to be able to help such a great family. Afterwards our whole district went tracting (door-knocking) in the Bolsa sisters area which me and my companion were not super excited about. But I kept a prayer in my heart to have a happy attitude and it worked! We actually had a lot of fun and hopefully some good came from it! And we got In-N-Out afterwards so that can make any day better.

We are still working hard here in Valley View and we’re seeing little successes everyday! I’m so grateful to be a missionary and to learn so many new things from my trials. I love you all, Jesus loves you, have a great week.


Sister Evers