Week 15: Another 6 weeks in Valley View

It’s transfer day! And I’m staying here in Valley View with Sister Kaufusi 😊

And that’s just the beginning of the good news we got this week…

First off, Blaine got to pass the sacrament yesterday for the first time and we’re going with him to the temple tomorrow! I’m so happy for him! His life has changed so much and he has seen so many blessings from all of these little steps of faith he’s been taking. My heart is just so happy and full.

It was Sister Kaufusi’s birthday on Saturday! We had her party last Monday cause today is transfers but it was so fun. The elders barbequed, the Samoan sisters made an amazing cake and we just hung out and ate way too much food all day. It was a good day. Then Saturday I took her out to breakfast and her trainer who has been home for 6 months came and suprised her at lunch! It was so sweet and I’m so glad I got to meet her! Funny story about her- so she’s out here in Caliornia visiting all her missionary friends and the members that she loves and she went to visit this one member who’s like 90. She shows up and he was just like "Hi Sister Carter, so what are we going to read today?" And instead of like, explaining to him that she’s just there to visit and say hi, she pulls out her scriptures and starts reading with him and is asking him what he thinks about certain verses, what a good returned missionary 😂 But her birthday was awesome and that night we got to go to a play put on by the Samoan ward, it was cheesy and silly but it was fun. And they made us be in it and we were so terrible 😂

Sunday was super good too, Ben came and also this other girl who we are hopefully gonna start teaching soon! Lots of good things are happening here and I’m stoked to be apart of it.

On Wednesday we got to volunteer at the special Olympics! It was the most fun I’ve had in forever. I got to keep score for basketball and the amount of sheer joy on their faces when they make a basket is just unreal. They are such sweet spirits and couldn’t keep the smile from off my face, it was such a blessing to be able to serve them 😊

We’re getting a new mission president this week and I can’t wait to meet him! He’s lucky he gets to preside over the best mission in the world.

This week was so great! I’m so grateful to be out here serving a mission and even though I’m tired 100% of the time, I’m so happy. I love you all so much, Jesus sure loves you, make it a great week everyone!

ALSO shout out to Morgan for being the greatest person that I know! She sent me an amazing package full of treats and cute stuff and crafts! LOVE YOU SO MUCH ❤

-Sister Evers



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