I’m not even sure where to begin or what awesome experience I should tell first but I just want to express how grateful I am to be a tool in the Lords hands and to be able to do His work here in this little but special part of Zion.

Saturday we got to meet our new mission president, President Golden and his wife Sister Golden. They are the two biggest sweethearts I ever met and I am so excited to serve with them for the rest of my mission! President Golden is kind of a good ball and I already love him so much.

Later that day we went to go see Blaine to read the Book of Mormon with him and to do some service for him. When we got there we met his friend Terry who was spending the day with him because the water in her apartment was shut off for a few hours so she just didn’t want to be home. Isn’t it crazy how Heavenly Father can lead people to where He wants them to be? We asked Terry if she wanted to read with us and she agreed. We grabbed her her own copy and started at the beginning. At the end of the first chapter we talked about what happened in the story and it was really good for Blaine too because he was able to explain to his friend how he came to understand and know the book was true! Terry told us that she felt like something was in her heart and whatever it was felt like it was too big to fit. She said she thought it was the Spirit. We told her it was. She is such a sweet lady and while this was all happening I was thinking like, "Wow this is such a miracle, who would’ve thought this could happen!" And it is a miracle! But only because we were there at the right time and the right place. The feelings she received from the Spirit that day because she read the Book of Mormon isn’t the miracle part because those feelings are what we should expect. Reading from the Book of Mormon and testifying of Christ are the quickest ways to invite the Spirit! It wasn’t a miracle that she felt it because it’s what can always happen if we are ready and open to receive it. I learned something so important that day. God doesn’t need to send me crazy miracles everyday because He already sent me the Book of Mormon. And I am going to try better to use it to invite the Spirit because we can depend on it to always do that.

Sunday. Sunday was the craziest day of my life. It all started out normal until this young man walked into bishops office and started introducing himself to everyone after ward council. He was carrying a little scripture case and he looked sharp with his nice white shirt and tie and he talked about going to school in Salt Lake so we naturally asked him, "So where did you serve your mission?" But THE DUDE WAS NOT A MEMBER. He has read the entire Book of Mormon, gone to church for 2 years, has been going to seminary and knows without a doubt the church is true and he wants to get baptized. And I was just like, is this even real life….?
He wants to get baptized here so his Grandma and little sister can come and I knew this was too good to be true because he said he goes back to school on Wednesday. So we were just like dang, I guess you’ll get baptized when you get back in January. But our ward is literally going into military mode or something because they are actually organizing everything for this kid to be baptized on Tuesday, like tomorrow. We just met him yesterday! I’ve never met a kid with a sweeter more sincere testimony in my life and he just wants to get baptized because he knows it’s what Jesus did and that it’s the first step to everything else in the gospel. So we had a nice chat with our new mission president to ask if this was even possible and hes still is gonna get back to us but yeah… were planning a baptism for tomorrow if all goes well and we’ve been running around like chickens with our heads cut off. What a blessing.

Wow this email is long, but if you’re still with me there were a lot of other cool and fun things that happened this week! We went to the temple with Blaine! And we all got to do baptisms and it was so special and awesome!!!! Blaine got to be baptized for his dad and he said he really felt the Spirit and that he loves the temple. We’re happy missionaries.
On Thursday, Sam took us out to breakfast at the most delicious place ever and when he was blessing the food he said "Thank you God for bringing this chef to life and for putting this restaurant on the earth." I could give a strong Amen to that one because the food was for reals out of this world. Also we went to Joe’s twice with the Samoan sisters and it was so fun and I love them. They invited us to go with them to the zoo today and I can’t wait! I know there was so much more that happened this week because we were so busy but my mind is like, going crazy with all that we have to get done and just missionary life in general is crazy. But I love you all so much, Jesus loves you so much and I’ll talk to you next week!

Shout out to my cutie Angy girl for the greenie package! Everything in it was perfect and it could only be more perfect if you put yourself in there. LOVE YOU ❤

Sister Evers



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