Week 17: Californians are crazy

Happy belated 4th of July everybody!

People in California take the 4th extremely seriously and we’d been hearing fireworks for like the past month. But on the actual 4th it was for real like a war zone around here and by like 5pm you could barely see down the street because of all the smoke. And you can’t drive anyway because all the streets are packed with people and their tents and grills. It was scary and super fun. We ate so much food obviously.

But sad news of the week is that Blake didn’t get baptized. We’re gonna wait until he moves back here permanently in January which we all agree is for the best. It would’ve been super cool to have a baptism on the 4th of July but it was just not what Heavenly Father wanted. But Blake is still a rock star and I’m so glad I was able to meet him and hear his testimony.

This week was kinda hard and slow. Everyone is out of town because school is out and for the holiday. So I don’t really have any cool stories, we just knocked doors, did service, went to Joe’s and tried to find people to teach.

I gave a talk on Sunday! They asked me to talk about missionary work which…. yeah I guess was kinda predictable. But it was for another missionaries homecoming so it was cool to be part of such a special sacrament meeting.

Short email this week cause nothing too crazy happened except trying not to get blown up by fireworks. I hope everyone has a great week! I love you and Jesus loves you too!

Sister Evers



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