Week 20: I’m supposed to be here!

Dang, this week was hot. I’m so grateful for our car and for air conditioned church buildings. But it’s hard to meet people in our car and church buildings so we spent a lot of time in this unreal Southern California sun. It’s so hot….

It’s kinda hard for me to think about the stuff we did this week because the heat was the thing that stuck out the most but I know we did fun stuff cause we always do fun stuff!

Two of the investigators we met last week are moving next week 🙃
But! There was a baptism on Saturday and one of the guys we’ve been teaching went to it and felt the Spirit! When we invited him to join us at the baptism he was like, "Like to be baptized or just watch it?" Haha, one day it’ll be his baptism but he did come to watch and it was awesome.

On Tuesday we got to do service at the family history library! We got to count entire file cabinets full of microfiche and it was totally not boring at all….
It was fun to be around some silly elders though. And they fed us pizza so we can’t complain.

On Friday just Sister K and I went to Sweet Tomatoes for dinner and as we were going up to pay a nice lady from the next stake over paid for our meal! I thought that kinda stuff only happened in Utah! It was such a blessing and it made us feel good on a kinda crappy day.

Other than that it was a normal week! We’re still teaching and finding more people to teach. It’s been so hot but we are keeping our heads up! This week I really felt like I am supposed to be in this mission and in this area; I wouldn’t choose to be anywhere else right now! I love the gospel and it’s such a great blessing to share it with the people I love (which is everyone I meet, it’s weird.) Thanks to my awesome Dad and his cute primary class for the letters and package! And thanks to everyone for their prayers and support! Love you all! If you didn’t know that Jesus loves you too, now you know. Have a great week everyone!

Sister Evers



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