Week 38: Countin’ my blessins

Hello everyone! I hope you all had an amazing thanksgiving and that you ate way too much food!

This week was super great! It was a little slow as far as the work goes because of the holiday but we still stayed super busy and had lots of fun!

On Tuesday we had service at this little aquaponics farm! They grow food for low-income and needy families and we got to help them water, prune, and trim the vegetables and fruit trees! It was super fun! And they have chickens which is awesome but I almost stepped on one.

Wednesday was one of the best days I’ve had in a long time! We had exchanges and Sister Smith came here in Acacia Park with me! It was so amazing and we saw so many miracles but I think this is just how it is for Sister Smith all the time??? Cause she’s just an amazing missionary and a miracle worker??????
Just one of the amazing things that happened is that after the Thanksgiving interfaith service that we went to in downtown Fullerton, we didn’t have any plans because we thought the service would be longer so we decided to get baja blasts from Taco Bell and just see where life would take us. Sitting in the corner of that tiny Taco Bell was a man that we knew we needed to talk to! So we went up to him and Sister Smith was literally like, "We felt prompted to come talk to you, is everything okay?" And he recognized that we were missionaries and he told us how he just got baptized this past Sunday. So in my mind I was like, "okay peace out" but we just kept talking to him and he accepted a Book of Mormon and said he would read it! In that conversation I tried to stay involved but I just wanted to like record it or something because it was so good and hopefully one day I’ll be as in tune with the spirit as my amazing Sister Training Leader. Also we are working on a rap song to the beat of "Fergalicious" so if anyone wants to send me the file of the karaoke version that would be great. I’m trying to get our zone to do a zone talent show! So far none of the elders are on board.

Thursday was THANKSGIVING. We woke up and did our studies like usual and Sister Nichols and I were like, "……it doesn’t feel like Thanksgiving." Also it was 95° out. But then we had an early dinner with our ward mission leader and his fam and OMG it was so so so dang good. And dad, they made spam musubi! They had a 22 lb turkey that had been smoked in the meat smoker in their back yard for like hours and it was honestly the best turkey I’ve ever had. We had to leave kinda quickly though cause we had service at the Honda Center! They had a big event there for feeding all the homeless and low income families in Anaheim. It was so big and crazy and our whole mission showed up to help them take all the tables and chairs down and clean up everything. It was so fun seeing everyone! Perks of having a tiny mission is being able to see your friends across the mission like once a week. Even though it was super hot it was great to serve. I have so much! It feels so great to share with those who don’t have much!

Friday we did more service! Our STLs have an investigator who is the sweetest lady probably ever. She doesn’t have family around so we went to decorate her house for Christmas and eat more turkey. It was so fun and I’m so ready for Christmas! Afterwards we had a lesson with Ismael and he and his mom had just finished making tamales when we got there so we got to have second dinner. I love second dinner. We read Enos with Ismael and we talked about how Enos had prayed all day and all night long and I was like, "isn’t that crazy?"And he was like, "not really I could see myself doing that." So we commited him to pray about the Book of Mormon to have the spiritual confirmation that it is true! He knows it’s true because he’s read from it, he knows in his head but not in his heart yet. When you know something is true from the heart, that’s when changes start to happen. So we’re waiting for him to receive that spiritual knowledge! Which can only come from God!

This email is getting pretty long so I’ll just finish up by talking about church on Sunday! We were asked to give talks in sacrament meeting a few weeks ago, so we were cool with that and then last Sunday we were asked to teach the Gospel Principles class, which was also fine but kinda funny cause we were just thinking how everyone was gonna be sick of hearing our voices. Then Saturday night we got a call and the Gospel Doctrine teacher was sick and he asked us to teach his class and we got a text asking if we could teach sharing time in Primary. So Sunday was the missionary show staring us and it was the most exausting Sunday ever. But we ended up not teaching Primary because we couldn’t be two places at once. But it was great to see that our ward trusts us to pretty much run church.

My talk was about the things I’m grateful for so I spent a lot of time talking about my mission, my family and the best book around: the Book of Mormon!
It’s truly the word of God and I love sharing it with people!
Here’s lots of pictures! Have a great week everyone!

Sister Evers


Week 37

Hello everyone! I hope you’ve all had a great week!

This week was again, a little average but I guess I’ll just expound on the stuff we did. Cause y’all deserve a good email, I’ve been slacking.

On Tuesday we ran around trying to see people and we finally met with this lady who was taught the first lesson but she’s been really busy cause she has a newborn and they’ve been going through a lot. But we stopped by and she seemed overwhelmed and anxious so we told her to sit down and feed her baby while we cleaned the kitchen and did the dishes! We do a lot of planned service for the homeless and needy families but it was so cool to help her when she really needed it! We should be going back next week to teach her something! Then we had a lesson with Jacob and Joey and it was probably the best lesson ever! They had sooooo many questions for us and they got us all really thinking! They almost stumped us once!

Wednesday we had district meeting and it was about finding and talking to people and them after that we went out and found people and talked to them.

Thursday we had service at this HUGE Catholic church handing out food to homeless and low-income families. It was a lot like Mary’s Kitchen but it was crazier and I got hit in the face with a cooler lid. It was exciting. Also we helped the Korean elders with their English Class and they helped us learn how to say that we’re missionaries! I can now say it in 5 languages!

This weekend we tried visiting a lot of our members to help them share the gospel with their friends! They all have accepted our challenge to pray for missionary experiences so I hope that we see some results from our efforts! Yesterday our amazing ward mission leader had us and 30 other people over for dinner! He has a huge meat smoker and he cooked soooo much brisket and like 5 racks of ribs! This was the first time I’ve had good barbeque since coming to California! We had a lot of fun and were going back there for Thanksgiving to eat some smoked turkey! So pumped!

I’ll be sure to take some more pictures this week, I’ve been slacking on that too. Here’s just some pics of cool things that I saw and Sister Nichols playing the piano, she’s been teaching me! Have a great week everyone! Happy Thanksgiving! Count your blessings!

Sister Evers

Week 36: 💌💌💌

Hi everyone!

This was a pretty average week, we taught some people and looked for more people to teach. I was super sick on Saturday and Sunday which means we had two of the most boring days ever!

On Thursday we didn’t have a dinner appointment so we walked up this really high hill and watched the sunset, it was so beautiful! Also on Thursday we had zone conference! I got to see Sister Kaufusi and Sister Greene! Two of my favorite people! We learned a lot about street contacting and how to have gospel conversations with people and I know it will help this mission a lot!

I don’t have really anything to report on…. here’s some pics of the sunset and an old one of me, Sister Kaufusi and Elder Durtschi (and the trinity in the back RIP) I know if we keep working hard we will have more success and I’ll be able to write more interesting emails!

I love you all! The church is true! Read the Book of Mormon, it’s the word of God!

Sister Evers