Week 45: “Um… We don’t have a TV…..”

On Tuesday we had a weird thing happen…. someone knocked on our door instead of us knocking on theirs! A guy was selling cable and internet service and Sister Nichols just looked at him and said "we don’t have a tv." I wonder what he thought of us.

Anyway, this week was super awesome! On Monday we had a sisters activity at the mission home and I got to see all my cute friends! Also we got to have lessons with all our our investigators! We got to see some amazing progress in the area and I am just so happy to be here!

Other highlights of the week:
☆ our flip phone broke which meant we had to go to the mission office which most importantly meant we got to go to Joe’s!
☆ we had another temple tour! We had an awesome time with our members and one of them brought their nonmember friend! She really enjoyed the tour! Also I got to see my lovely ex-comp Sister Greene ❤❤❤❤
☆ feeding the homeless at Mary’s!
☆ the Goldens came to our apartment for a visit and a spiritual message! They are the best people in the world and they gave us candy
☆ with the New Year our mission is doing a study on Jesus Christ and how to be more Christ centered. It was literally an amswer to my prayer! It’s been such a blessing to learn more about the Savior these past 2 weeks!

I love you all so much! Have a great week!


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