Week 46: My testimony cannot be stopped

So at district meeting this week we talked about bearing our tecstimony to people. People can argue doctrine with you all day long but if you express the feelings of your heart and how you really feel this is true, what can people say? And I told them how in my last area Sister Kaufusi came across an anti-Mormon pamphlet that said "if you ever talk to a Mormon, don’t let them "bear their testimony" to you. It’s a form of hypnosis and mind control." I guess people are starting to realize the power and influence of the Holy Spirit of God! But then on Friday we were knocking doors and literally THE FIRST door we knock on the man introduces himself as a pastor. I enjoy talking to people of different faiths about their beliefs! But I don’t enjoy people tearing down my beliefs and being disrespectful! So I was less than jazzed to knock on his door but when he started to argue about something he thought we believed in I just bore my testimony of the Book of Mormon and told him if he would read it and ask God if it was true he would gain that same witness! I wasn’t planning on doing that and as the words were coming out of my mouth I was like, "this is a bad idea" but I literally couldn’t stop myself from bearing my testimony and it was an experience that really made me understand that this isn’t my work. I let myself be an instrument in God’s hand that day and it felt great.

We found a new investigator this week named Pat! He was hosing leaves off his driveway and we went up and said hi! He said that he is Christian but was never baptized or anything and I was like, "have you ever thought about being baptized in a Christian church?" And he was like, "Yeah!" So we taught him the restoration and he came to church on Sunday! We think he really enjoyed it and the ward welcomed him with open arms! It’s been so nice to start seeing all of our hard work pay off!

Other exciting happening this week include:
☆ a day spent at Rise Against Hunger! We lifted heavy stuff and did the dishes
☆ we chalked the Plan of Salvation on the sidewalk infront of the church!
☆ last week we went to this really cool old fashioned ice cream parlor for Roberts birthday! It was so delicious and fun! Sister Greene and Burton and their companions joined us!
☆ we had our last English Class of the transfer! I love Koreans
☆ transfer news! I’m staying in Fullerton for 6 more weeks! So happy to stay in this area and keep making things happen!

My companion Sister Nichols and I had a really great week and are looking forward to more great weeks here! I love you all!

Sister Evers


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