Week 47: Be of good cheer!

Hello everyone! The Santa Ana winds are here and it’s been a weird week. I heard before my mission that these winds make everyone go crazy and after these last few days I can testify to that. (also I just put a bunch of people on my weekly list, I apologize for my laziness in not adding you sooner, love you 🙈)

So the most important and exciting thing that happened is that we had another lesson with Pat and he came to church! He said that he understands why Christ would need to restore His church on the earth and that he thinks it’s true! What a blessing to be able to teach and help someone who is so prepared!

On Sunday all the stakes in California participated in a broadcast from church headquarters and it was so inspiring and uplifting! The things I took from it are 1. Serve people because of the love I have for them and Christ!
2. Do the work of the Lord more cheerfully! It is never a burden to be a servant of the Lord!
3. You can do lots to lift the church and the people around you from right where you stand

Wednesday we had Book of Mormon class and we read about Enos! I seriously love that story and if you need a quick pick me up then that is a good chapter to read. The Atonement changes lives people!

Other than that we did service at Rise Against Hunger again, helped our STLs clean the nasty apartment their inherited from some elders, had lunch and a lesson with our new investigator Stephen and walked around beautiful Fullerton trying to find people to teach! It’s great to be a missionary! Love you all, have a great week!

Sister Evers


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