Week 57: 🌼right place/right time🌼

Happy Monday everyone 😊😊😊

We did a lot of cool things this week.

The coolest thing is that we got to do service at a colorguard competition! We helped in concessions and manned the doors and it was so fun! We got to see so many amazing guards and it brought me back to my high school days. The last one that we got to see is on their way to nationals this week so needless to say, they were really good!

Also on Saturday we went on exchanges! I got to be with sweet Sister Harrison who is an angel and rockstar missionary. I’ve never met a more loving person. My headache was bothering me all day so during our dinner hour she gave me a facial! She used to work at a spa, it was so relaxing and made my headache go away! We had a really cool experience knocking doors that night. We had planned to see a certain former investigator and the person who answered the door said she moved. Sister Harrison has served in this area before so as we walked back to the car, we passed Sonya’s house which is someone she used to teach. So we decided to stop by but she wasn’t home. We knocked the doors around her house and had some really great conversations and then as we were leaving for real this time, Sonya came home! She was coming home from the hospital and her brother had just died that morning. It was so sad to hear but it felt so good to know that we were exactly in the place the Lord needed us.

On Thursday we had another opportunity to help the YSA elders talk to people at Cal State Fullerton. Sister Jensen and I were walking around talking to people and we met Kelsey who was sitting and reading her bible! We talked to her for almost 45 minutes about the Restoration of the Gospel, the Plan of Salvation AND the Gospel of Jesus Christ! She has a strong faith in Christ and is very involved in her church but she was so respectful and genuinely interested in what we had to say. It was such a cool and uplifting conversation for all involved 😊

We had two cool experiences teaching less-active members this week! This church is true and I’m so happy to remind people of that or to tell them for the first time.

I love you all so much! I would love to hear from all of you on how you’re doing! Have a great week!

Sister Evers


Week 56: “Eat your Jesus bread”

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you all had a great day celebrating the Ressurection of our Savior and eating lots of candy 😊🐰 for our Easter Sunday we opened it up by eating breakfast and watching general conference with Gretta and Carl! It was Grettas first time watching and she really enjoyed it! Then we all headed over to a big ward brunch at the Anderson’s which was so so delicious and fun! Then Sister Jensen and I watched the last session of conference with Estella, one of our ward missionaries. We ate a huge dinner, hunted for Easter eggs and had some Jesus bread. She bought naan because "that’s what Jesus ate" but when she toasted it it got a little burnt so no one wanted to eat it so she was slinging naan at us and telling us to eat our Jesus bread. I love her.

I really loved conference and I’m so excited for all of the inspired changes happening in our church! I’m so excited to read and reread all the talks to learn even more!

On Wednesday we taught 4 lessons! We were exhausted by the end of the day but we are so blessed to be teaching so many awesome people! We were doing our weekly planning on Friday and Estella called us because she was craving tacos and needed us to come with. So we went and ate tacos and talked about missionary work at the park and two different people came up to us and started talking to us! We gave them each a Book of Mormon and were able to share a bit of the restored gospel with them, what a cool experience.

I love being a missionary and I love the gospel of Jesus Christ! I’m so grateful for all of my amazing experiences out here! Love you all, have a great week!

Sister Evers

Week 55: Respect.

Hello everyone!
Sister Jensen and I had another really great week in Placentia! Yesterday we were walking in an apartment complex and we asked this group of boys if they wanted pictures of Jesus and they all ran up to grab one and this one boy was like, "Pictures of Jesus?…. Respect."

Other than passing out cards, we were able to make some good progress with the people we are working with. On Thursday we had an AMAZING lesson with our investigator Gretta and her returning less active boyfriend Carl. We read to them this cool story about the Atonement and talked about following the commandments to show our love and gratitude to the Savior. We all felt the Spirit so strongly and they both cried! And then the next day Gretta texts us and says that we need to pick a day for her baptism!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So excited for them!!!!! The gospel of Jesus Christ changes lives! I see it everyday!

We got to do more service for our investigator Maria. She is a sweetheart and she wants us to go hiking with her in the morning for our exercise and so we can talk. Her heart is softening to the gospel we hope! Saturday we went to this big Easter egg hunt at the park and got to talk to lots of people. Also we got to take a picture with the Easter bunny so #success

On Wednesday we had such a cool experience! All of the young women in the stake had an activity that was supposed to be a mini MTC. They all got name tags and opened their mission calls and got out into districts. They had a bunch of activities to do but we were their "MTC teachers." So they rotated around and when each group was with us we practiced what to say when knocking on doors and how to teach the Restoration in 3 minutes. These girls were so good! They were knocking doors and sharing their favorite scriptures and testifying of the Book of Mormon like pros! I wish I was that good when I went into the MTC!

I’m so grateful for the opportunity we have to celebrate the resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ on Sunday. There’s nothing I could ever say to express my deep gratitude and love for Him so I will just say that I know He lives. I know Christ was resurrected on the third day and I don’t know everything but I know because of that we will all be resurrected too. I love you all and I hope you have a happy Easter!

Week 54: Temple week!

Hi everyone! Today we took a trip to the temple and it was great! That’s why I’m writing today instead of Monday!

This week we were blessed to have 4 new investigators which is a miracle! They were all found knocking doors which is the biggest part of the miracle. We are so blessed to be teaching these amazing people.

On Thursday we passed by a beautiful and HUGE Buddhist temple on the way to a doctor’s appointment so we had to stop and take pictures. Also we were out of the mission and Sister Jensen really wanted evidence πŸ˜‚ And that day was my year mark! So we went to our favorite paleta place with the Juarez’! It hasn’t been that long since I’ve seen them but it was fun to spend some time with them again. They are still solid as ever in the gospel!

On Saturday we were on exchanges! I went to Brea with Sister Tew. She LOVES knocking doors so that’s what we did and at night we set up a table in Downtown Brea. It was cool to talk to so many people in such a short time! But we forgot that it was St. Patrick’s day so people were busy but we had lots of good conversations and lots of fun. Sister Tew is a great missionary and I was grateful to learn from her boldness and drive.

It was weird not having pday on Monday but we made it a really fun day. We helped the YSA elders with their table at Cal State Fullerton so we talked to college kids all day. We also got to have lots of good conversations but one was funny. I was talking to this kid who is a philosophy major and he was going on and on about the logical fallacies in all organized religions blah blah blah stuff about there being no proof of God. And I thought he was gonna be bashing us pretty quickly cause he was getting loud but I finally just interrupted, bore my testimony and he said "I respect that" and walked away. Ice heard lots of stories of missionaries getting bashed at colleges and I thought I was gonna have a good story but I guess not.

Yesterday we did service for one of our new investigators. The sisters before me knocked on her door and she was really uninterested in our message. But they offered to do service for her and she accepted and it’s really helped soften her heart! We were able to teach the Plan of Salvation and help her gain some comfort and understanding of God’s plan for us. I have such a strong testimony of the peace/joy/happiness the gospel brings and also of serving the people around us like Christ did. He needs us to take care of one another and serve each other. We can be the answer to someone’s prayer. I know it.

Well thank you all for sticking around to the end of this long email. I had a great week and I’m so grateful to be out here. I love being a missionary! And I love all of you!

Sister Evers

Week 53: πŸ’œPLACENTIAπŸ’œ

Hello everyone!

I love my new area! And I LOVE my new companion! Sister Jensen and I have had such a good time already and it made this week seriously fly by!

So on Tuesday the departing missionaries left and I am a baby so I cried but it was okay because Sister Kaufusi’s companion left in the morning and her flight to Tonga didn’t leave till 10pm! So she got to spend the day with us and it was so fun to have her as a companion again, even if it was just for a few hours. For lunch Sister Kaufusi had to have her last Cali burrito and it was Sister Jensens first time there! So special. We unpacked my stuff, cleaned the apartment and laughed all day. I was so sad to see Sister Kaufusi go but now she’s safe and with her family in Tonga! I’m so grateful for everything she has taught me!

So Sister Jensen has been out for about 4 months now and let me tell ya, this girl came to work! We have been working nonstop this week and I’m exhausted but happy we were able to accomplish so much. We are teaching a few awesome people right now so we had lots of appointments but in between we stayed busy by knocking doors, talking to people on the street and doing service. We did service at Rise Against Hunger on Friday and we took a dumb picture that surprisingly wasn’t even my idea. Making people take dumb pictures with me is like my favorite hobby.

I love my Savior and the opportunity I have to serve Him full time. It hasn’t always been easy but this past year has forced me to stretch and grow so much. I feel like a different person than who I was last year. There’s nothing I could really say to express my gratitude for being out here but just know that I’m happy and I love being a missionary! And I love you all! Have a great week and I would love to hear from you!

Sister Evers

Week 52: Bye Fullerton

Today I say goodbye to Fullerton and the amazing Acacia Park ward πŸ˜”I’ve seriously loved being in this area, the members are so so so amazing and I’m going to miss them and my sweet companion Sister Nichols ❀
I’m being transferred to the ward next door though so it’s not really that sad, hahaha. I’m going to the Placentia ward with Sister Jensen! She’s only been out for 3 months so I’m excited to work with someone so full of energy and fresh ideas.

This morning we’ve been doing laundry, packing and shopping and we just got back from another crochet party with one of our members. I’m so glad I got to hang out with her and her dog one more time!

But I had a great last week in Fullerton! We haven’t heard from Pat in a few weeks but we tried bugging him again on Friday and he ended up being able to come to a baptism on Saturday! He really loved and and thought it was so cool! It was so great to see how much he loved it and was able to feel the spirit. He started asking questions what started with, "So if I were to be baptized…." It was awesome.
Also Curtis came to church! We couldn’t get him a ride so he WALKED. He lives kinda far. He is so enthusiastic about becoming a better person and has been reading, praying, and now coming to church. That’s a pretty good place to start.

I’m excited to get a new companion today and be in a new area and see what the Lord has in store for us there. I know that God’s hand is in this work and the message I have to share with people is true. I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Sister Evers

pictures: service at Marys, cool palm trees, me with Wolfie, us with Uchtdorf, me with my Mom (rip)

Week 51: When I say UCHT you say DORF

UCHT DORF This weekend I had the amazing privilege to shake hands and sit at the feet of an apostle of our good Lord, Jesus Christ. ELDER UCHTDORF!
What an experience! I am forever changed.
We did a lot this week but nothing really comes close to that experience. Elder Uchtdorf talked about a lot of things but I’ll list a few of my favorites.
β˜† the answer to any question about your life can be answered as you 1.keep the commandments and 2. trust the Lord. He gave a lot of time for us to ask him questions and every time the first thing he answered was to keep the commandments and trust the Lord! I think we sometimes look beyond the mark and forget that the gospel is so simple. Keep the commandments, trust in the Lord.
β˜† Elder Uchtdorf was answering a question from a missionary about how to know if you are trying hard enough and giving your all to the work. I loved his whole response but what stuck out to me the most is when he said, "When you say your prayers at night you say "Lord this is what I have" and the Lord responds "Oh great, I love you.""
I loved that so much! The Lord accepts all of our efforts, as long as we are trying! He loves us no matter what! Elder Uchtdorf was so positive and his happiness is just contagious.
β˜† when he was talking about finding and talking to people on the street he was like, "You need to find something to relate to them! Like there that big crystal cathedral, you can say "You know that crystal cathedral? That’s not our church but our church is over here and it’s great."
β˜† "He doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called."
β˜† Advice about our morning routine- take a shower, get dressed, put on your badge and say "YES, I AM A SERVANT OF THE LORD."

What an inspired man! I have a strong testimony that God has called prophets and apostles in our day and revelation and guidance from God has not ceased!

Other awesome things that happened this week include us finding a new investigator and already having two lessons with him! He is awesome and we are looking forward to continue helping him on his journey to Christ. Also this super awesome lady called the bishop because she wants to start coming back to church after being less active for years! She is such an inspiration to me and hearing about her life has made me realize how truly blessed I am. She is so strong and knows how much her trials have helped her grow but part of me wishes this sweet lady would’ve had just a little easier life.
I’m so grateful to be a missionary and to be a member of this church! I’m grateful for my testimony of the Savior and the opportunity i have ro strengthen it everyday! I love all of you and i hope you have a great week!

Sister Evers

Week 50: 11 months! β€

Hello everyone! This week I hit my 11 month mark, it feels good and weird at the same time.

I have no time today because a member invited us to have a crochet party at her house with our sister training leaders but I have lots of good highlights for y’all!
β˜† on Valentine’s Day we had an awesome district meeting, took silly pictures, knocked doors and went to the Raising Canes that just opened a few days ago, it was a great great day.
β˜† we had exchanges with our STLs! I got to go to La Habra with my beautiful Sister Smith and we had so much fun! We tried a bunch of people, bought a sub for a homeless man, bought girl scout cookies for ourselves and found a park full of dinosaur statues. Sister Smith is one of the most kindest, funniest and down to earth person I’ve ever met! One of my favorite parts of my mission is the people I get to serve along side with!
β˜† we went tabling at Cal State Fullerton and it was weird cause I used to table with the missionaries at my school and now I’m the missionary. How the tables have turned.
β˜† a member took us to get Hawaiian bbq, I took a picture of me with my food but only put it in my email because of the sweet embrace in the background #tender
β˜† on Tuesday we did service at Habitat for Humanity! We sorted hardware, forklifted pallets around and loaded this big truck!
β˜† last pday I got to watch church movies with my mom aka Sister Kaufusi. She goes home in 2 weeks and I’m going to cry millions of years.

I’ve been learning so much about Christ and how He’s gonna help me be the person I want to be! Take time to learn something new about Him this week! I love you all!

Sister Evers

Week 49: Laissez bon temps rouler!

How is it already Monday again? The weeks are really flying by, I guess I must be having fun??????

But first I have to start by saying HAPPY MARDI GRAS!!!! It hurts not being in New Orleans for this week (first time in 4 years) but I know I’m where God wants me to be and there is always next year! (Mama, please send me some gumbo they don’t know how to make it here.)

This week the best thing that happened was that Pat is alive and not ignoring us! We met him a few weeks ago and he came to church twice and then he dropped off the face of the earth and didn’t respond to our texts for a week. We gave him some space but Friday we stopped by cause we were actually getting worried but HE WAS HOME and he still wants to meet with us and actually used the words, "I’m still interested" so that was a blessing!

Also we got to see my girl Donna! She’s still recovering from hip surgery but she’s still as funny as ever. We got to meet one of her friends and had a very nice gospel conversation with him. There’s been lots of drama happening in that apartment complex since we last stopped by so of course they filled us in.

We had lunch with our sweet less active lady! She makes me laugh!!!!!! She forced me to order steak and lobster and she was talking about getting old and she was like, "it’s literally so weird." What a young soul.

On Wednesday we got smart phones! It’s been awesome but weird! We finally get to see emojis but we have to unlearn habits we have with our old smartphones. No more scrolling out of boredom or solitare πŸ˜”

This week wasn’t super eventful but we tried to stay busy and talk to lots of people. I haven’t been feeling my best the last couple weeks but I’ve been pushing through it. I got a blessing on Saturday and I know there are lots of prayers said for me which really helps! When I got a blessing I was just thinking about how grateful I am to be surrounded by righteous, covenant-keeping, priesthood holders and how grateful I am that the priesthood was restored to the earth through a prophet! How blessed are we to live at this time!

I’m grateful for my Heavenly Father who cares so much and is mindful of me. I’m grateful for a Savior who knows exactly how I feel and knows exactly how to help me (Alma 7:11-12.) I’m grateful for all of the people who love and care about me! Thanks for your support and prayers! Love you all, have a safe Mardi Gras! πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ’œ

Sister Evers

Week 48: Do I look like I speak Tongan?

This week was a slower one but we saw lots of little miracles and tender mercies in this little part of Fullerton 😊

When Sister Greene was here in the area we had looked through our area book at the names of people who had stopped meeting with the missionaries and looked them up on Facebook! There was one man I was prompted to add and he accepted my request but I completely forgot to message him or contact him so nothing came of it….. UNTIL on Thursday he randomly messaged me….. IN TONGAN! There are so many reasons I know why God had Sister Kaufusi train me and the fact that she taught me a bit of Tongan is one of them! I was able to respond to this man and hold a conversation! It was so cool! But I’m still not sure why someone would message a random white girl in Tongan? I don’t think I look like I would know Tongan but I guess God works in mysterious ways!

So that was one cool thing that happened! Another one is that we were walking around downtown Fullerton on Sunday night which was dead because everyone was watching the super bowl. But literally the only person we talked to was a super sweet and humble man who expressed to us his fear of developing a realationship with God because of his past. We were able to speak some peace to his mind and say a prayer with him right there in the street! It was a blessing that everyone was inside watching the game because it was so quiet!
It’s also a blessing that I’ll be home for the next super bowl cause Sunday was rough.

Other things that happened this week are
β˜† we helped the Korean with English Class again! We watched the Mormon message called "Checking Your Privileges" and the students thought it was the most funny thing they’d ever seen πŸ˜‚
β˜† we tried a new way to find and talk to people- yard sales! We got lots of cards passed out, made some new friends and Sister Nichols and I both got some new clothes!
β˜† Zone Conference was on Thursday and we learned about receiving, recognizing, and acting on the spirit! Also we learned about the Christlike attribute of humility which is good cause I’ve been trying to work on that my entire mission/life πŸ™ˆ
β˜† twice this week for exercise we went to this huge hill that has like miles of stairs on it! We died but made it to the top both days
β˜† we went by this less active lady’s house and she has a 100 year old self playing piano! She has cabinets and cabinets of rolls for it, it works by putting the roll of paper in the piano that has holes in it based on the notes and then you pedal it and it plays! It was so cool! Also that lady is hilarious. She dated Bruce R. McConkie when she was young… he’s "not her type"

I think that’s it for my week! I know that God is mindful of all His children and wants us to learn and grow! A quote I read this week that I really like goes, "Our Father in Heaven is concerned not just about our comfort but even more about our upward progress." Life wasn’t made to be a smooth ride the whole time! We were sent here to progress and learn from the hard times and be grateful for the good ones.
Love you all! Have a great week!

Sister Evers